Story behind Essentials Pineapple

When you schedule your massage at any of our Essentials Massage and Facials spas, expect to be pampered with complimentary signature pineapple exfoliation using Pineapple Essentials™ exfoliant and therapeutic hot towel treatment. Why pineapple exfoliation? The pineapple fruit has symbolized the health and vitality of Polynesian life for centuries. Now, thanks to recent modern advancements in molecular biochemistry, the pineapples's true beauty secrets have been captured and preserved in Pineapple Essentials™ Exfoliant. This amazing new formula contains the natural-occurring pineapple fruit enzyme Bromelain, which aids in the natural exfoliation of the skin. Unlike many products, Pineapple Essentials™ exfoliates without dehydrating the skin. This non-abrasive exfoliation holds the moisture in, reducing the appearance of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. It will help to even your skin tone and create a truly radiant glow. Visit Essentials Massage and Facials spa nearest to you and purchase Pineapple Essentilas™ Exfoliant for only $24.95 (plus tax) for use at home.

Visit any Essentials and enjoy atmosphere of complete serenity and crystal tranquility

Our crystal pineapple was created by local artist, Wilmer Vergara. His inspiration behind our reawakened logo came from the crystal chandeliers featured in many of the Essentials Massage and Facials Spas.

Wilmer was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. He has been a resident of Clearwater, Florida since 1999 and attended St. Petersburg College where he received degrees in Print Design and Multi-media Design. Through his extensive travels in the US, Canada and Central America, he drew inspiration from nature's beauty for his photographs, paintings and sculptures. He likes working with vibrant colors and capturing the raw essence of the human form with his lens before committing it to canvas. Furthermore, Wilmer enjoys combining his passion for art in its many forms using his artistic viewpoint and talent with his technological skills to digitally manipulate his images to produce professional visual solutions for commercial needs. His creations include but are not limited to paintings using different mediums, various works in glass (including Tiffany style lampshades and fused glass jewelry), photography and sculptures in clay."